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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha trumpets

I shared this on Twitter, but it's still making me lol, so here you go, in case you missed it. This guy is awesome.

If you're interested, here's an interview with the guys who masterminded the commercial, talking about how much CGI they actually used (not as much as you'd think).

Also, when he says, "The tickets are now diamonds," it reminds me of this (embedded in an attempt to force you to watch):

I'm pretty sure Michelle Obama is the coolest lady ever right now.

Michelle Obama on obesity: Time for a wake-up call
"This isn't like a disease where we're still waiting for the cure to be discovered – we know the cure for this," Obama said of childhood obesity. "We have everything we need, right now, to help our kids lead healthy lives. Rarely in the history of this country have we encountered a problem of such magnitude and consequence that is so eminently solvable."

More at the link. Seriously, though, it's a very solvable problem and I'm glad someone is finally implementing nation-wide tactics to fix it. 67% of the people in this country are heavier than they should be, and that is unhealthy. We spend so much on healthcare for obesity-related problems it's not even funny. I'm just so pleased that this is happening.

Also: Ready for pressure-sensitive touchscreens & keys in your mobile devices? I am.

Supposedly it's going to snow like 30 million feet tonight, as they've already cancelled classes for tomorrow, and museums are all going to be closed, etc etc. I don't have much to eat aside from rye bread and vodka, so I think I'm going to pop over to the store for hot cocoa and maybe Fruity Pebbles with which to make Rice Krispie treats (thanks, view_from_here). Ooh, or maybe I'll finally make lasagna.

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